Ovarian Cancer Info

Here are the links to my story:

If you have stumbled upon my blog because you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, here are some websites that I found helpful - but they come with a strict warning...


By that I mean, until you have had whatever tests, labs, AND complete staging surgery so that your doctor can tell you exactly what type, stage, and degree of cancer you have - GO NO FURTHER.


Because I think it is vital to not "borrow trouble" and to continue to have hope until that time. I know it is hard - but I regret almost every single thing I read about varian cancer before my staging surgery. Not a single bit was helpful - not to my physical health and certainly not to my state of mind at the time!

So please, until you know exactly what you are dealing with, please stay calm and don't read anything on the Internet. As you may read in my story above, it was the best advice I ever got!

Ok, some helpful Links:

http://www.ovarian.org/newly_diagnosed.php - this is the only exception to the "no reading" rule. Go here to request a "newly diagnosed" packet. When you get it - only read the "survivors stories". It was the one thing that I read that truly gave me hope. Lock the rest of it away until you need it later.

http://www.wcn.org/findadoctor/ - after you get your first diagnosis, get another one. Make sure its from a Gynecological Oncologist. Don't be afraid to ask for demand a second opinion. Make sure you know your doctor's credentials - but also that you feel confident that their priorities are in line with your own. Don't just trust anyone with an MD behind their name - find an MD who treats you, not just your cancer.

http://www.cancer.org/ - generally a good site to support for any kind of cancer. The American Cancer Society can help with anything from hair-care to transportation to treatment.