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What I'm into - June 2013

My friend Leigh does these great posts on her blog every month and recently started letting people link up their own so that we could all share the awesomeness! So, I thought I'd join in the fun and list the things I'm into these days. I'm hoping it will keep me accountable to a few things too - especially in regards to books. I've been a reading slacker these days and I want to change that! So, here goes!


40 Day Journey with Madeleine L'Engle - this is a great devotional book that also has prompts for journaling and other ideas to inspire you. I've really enjoyed its format and getting to read little bits of L'Engle and have them related back to scripture. I will definitely be reading more of L'Engle's work soon!

Divergent: The first of a young adult series in the same genre of The Hunger Games. I'd been told about it by a few people but put it off because it just felt too much like a copycat when I first heard about it. But I had a nice long train ride a couple weekends ago, so I loaded it on my Kindle and started reading. Seven hours later I had finished it and downloaded the second book in the series. Absolutely addicting. BONUS: The book takes place in (future dystopian) Chicago and so they are filming the movie in my city!

Insurgent: The second book in the Divergent series. Just as good as the first. Look for my review of the third and final book in "What I'm Into: October 2013". I'll be standing in line for it.

World War Z: I saw the movie and had to buy the book. I just started reading it, so no review yet. But I am planning for my survival already!


Why, oh why did I wait so long to get rid of cable and get a Roku box? If you are considering it - just do it! I spend a third of the money and am never bored. Plus, I am more deliberate about what I watch now because I don't just flip channels. (I do still get the basic ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX via my television for free.)

Show Catch-up:

Grey's Anatomy - I started watching good old Grey's from the beginning, not really intending to do a full re-watch of the series. But man this show is addicting! Its definitely had its ups and downs (remember that time crazy Izzie had a brain tumor and saw her dead fiancĂ©?) but its still one of my favorite shows.

Dr. Who - Ok, I tried guys...and I will keep trying a little more...but I just haven't fallen in love with the Doctor and his time-traveling blue box. I've only watched about six here is your chance to tell me I just have to stick it out a little longer.

Current Season:

So You Think You Can Dance: I've been trying to keep up with SYTYCD but this is actually the one show where my system really lets me down. If I am not home when it airs, I miss it completely because apparently FOX has it out for me and they don't make episodes available online until 30 DAYS after they air. What gives?? But I am loving it of course and just set a reminder on my phone to turn it on if I'm home on Tuesday nights.

The Fosters: I usually stay FAR, FAR away from any shows on television who try to portray social work (especially child welfare) in any kind of way. But the Fosters have surprised me in a good way so far! Its not stellar acting so far, but the characters and their issues are pretty believable. I'll give it at least a few more episodes and hope they don't descend into melodramatics. *fingers crossed*


At Home:

The other fun thing about having my Roku (with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus) is the number of movies I have access to in my home!

Pitch Perfect: I bought this as a digital download on Amazon. I'd seen it in the theaters, but I really could watch it over and over. As a former show choir kid, I just can't get enough of the whole thing. I can't wait for the sequel!

28 Days Later: I "rented" this on Amazon Prime. I watched this after seeing World War Z, so it was like two different ends of the zombie movie spectrum. It was less thrilling in general, but had some pretty tense moments. I'm sure I'd be more impressed if I'd seen it when it first came out in theaters.

Timer: You can find this one on Netflix. Its a darling little movie that poses an interesting question: What would you do if you knew exactly when you would meet your soul mate? In the (not too distant) future, a watch-like device can be implanted in your wrist and once activated it will begin to countdown until the moment you will meet your soul mate. The movie follows a few characters, all with different timelines and ways of handling the wait. It also touches on the question: if you had the choice, would you want to know how long you were going to wait? Would you even get the implant? A very cute romantic comedy with a twist - highly recommend!

In Theaters:

42 - I don't know why, but I just love baseball movies. And "42" does not disappoint. I laughed, I cried, I was inspired. Go grab it on DVD the minute its out.

Man of Steel - I wish I could tell you I loved it...but I found it a little slow and the actions scenes got a little monotonous. I like a good comic book movie and I like action - but I just wasn't that engaged. Sorry Superman!

Great Gatsby - My high school English teacher should be proud of how excited I was to see this movie. (And how much symbolism I remembered.) Gatsby + Baz Luhrmann = Perfect and Amazing.

World War Z - The absolute most thrilling movie I have seen in years. I was on the edge of my seat and barely breathed for two hours. I was not expecting that level of excitement from a big budget, Brad Pitt movie. (Not that I don't love me some Brad Pitt!) I came into the zombie genre late - only getting into The Walking Dead in the middle of season three - but I'm totally hooked now. We all better hope that the zombie apocalypse looks more like the "walkers" and less like these WWZ speed demons! If you like action (and Brad Pitt) - go see this immediately. Even if you aren't that big a fan of zombies, you are sure to enjoy it.

On the Web:

Examining Adoption Ethics by Jen Hatmaker

These were actually written in May, but they continue to be the best things I've read online in a very long time. If you are at all involved with adoption or "orphan care" please find the time to read this series in its entirety.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three


I love Pinterest but I often go in waves of really browsing through all the content. But I recently got on a chalk board kick (because of a project that you'll see on the blog soon!) and created a whole new board on Pinterest for it. Tutorials on fancy lettering, quotes I like, and interesting ideas for future photoshoots. You can check it out on my Chalk It Up board.

Best Day of June:

Spending a fun day downtown at a spa with my girlfriends. Manicures, pedicures, Champaign, cupcakes, and a delicious lunch. Does it get much better than that really?

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  1. I'll have to check out the Madeleine L'Engle devotional you recommended, as i've officially declared this as the Summer of Madeleine. (Just finished a circle of quiet yesterday. Ugh. so good).

    1. I haven't read any Madeleine since I was in grade school - A Wrinkle in Time! But I'm really hoping to read more after I finish the devotional. Definitely check it out!

  2. The Jen Hatmaker adoption ethics posts were amazing. Essential reading for sure!

    1. Ugh, I know! I want to print them out and paper all adoption agencies with them. Mine included!

  3. TOTALLY agree on Man of Steel. It was good, but could have been MUCH better if it was 30-45 minutes shorter.

    I've read World War Z but haven't watched the movie yet. I am so curious to see how they adapt the book. I just cannot envision it, given how the book is written.

  4. I didn't realize there was a L'Engle devotional out there. Awesome! I've really enjoyed the Divergent trilogy and am curious to see how it will end. Definitely loved that it's set in Chicago. I didn't realize they're filming the movie already! I hate the way Fox doesn't make SYTYCD available online for so long- I don't understand their rationale. But this season is amazing!

    Glad you decided to join in on the What I'm Into fun!


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