Sunday, June 23, 2013

Patio Makeover

I've been doing lots of DIY projects this spring! Some have been Pinterest inspired, some are just from my own ideas. This project was mostly my own doing - I had been scouting Craigslist for patio sets with the hopes of having a place to relax with my dogs this summer. I'd seen LOTS of out dated, grungy, and faded sets. Most of which were really too big for my space anyway.

But then I came across this little gem..

As soon as I saw this gal, I was in love. It was a little whimsical and seemed just the right size for my small patio. But I could tell from the picture and the listing that it was pretty rusty. So, I decided to give spray paint a try. I'd been itching to spray paint a few projects but was nervous about it too. Spray paint seems kind of... I don't know...messy? I envisioned spray paint everywhere. And I was kind of right! Especially since I was spraying something full of holes!
But overall, it was pretty simple. Two cans of this pretty color:
( Satin - Lagoon)
And another can of this one:
(Satin - Aqua)
I also bought a drop cloth and did all of my spray painting out in the yard so that I didn't have to worry about anything nearby getting sprayed. I tried to keep my coats thin and even. I left a full 48 hours between the two coats so that it would dry thoroughly. Overall it worked well - except that the wind was somewhat breezy both days that I was painting and that made it tricky to get the spray to go the direction I wanted it to spray!
And I love the end result!
Here's the before and after:
Total Cost:
Craigslist Patio Set: $50
3 Cans of Spray Paint: $12
Drop Cloth: $4
Pretty Patio? Priceless
Once I add some sheer curtains (there is a deck above my patio) this little spot is going to be a great summer oasis. If anyone wants to come over, I'll have drinks ready!

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  1. It’s amazing how a change of color for the furniture made a lot of difference. That’s a pretty makeover for your little patio! Have you consider expanding it? It seems like the place still has the space for a bit of expansion. It will be fun having a wide outdoor space to hang out in!

    Wacky Brown @ Wicker Works


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