Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Into (Feb 2013)

My friend Leigh does these great posts on her blog every month and recently started letting people link up their own so that we could all share the awesomeness! So, I thought I'd join in the fun and list the things I'm into these days. I'm hoping it will keep me accountable to a few things too - especially in regards to books. I've been a reading slacker these days and I want to change that! So, here goes!


Gone Girl (Flynn) - Wow. That is all I have to say about that book. Oh, and "That woman was CRAY-ZEE". Nuff said. Really.

A Year of Biblical Womanhood - (Evans) This was certainly an entertaining read, very thought provoking. I have honestly never given a whole lot of thought about "biblical womanhood" - but I've heard some of the stereotypes of being a "Proverbs 31" woman. I certainly never thought of it being a "to do list" of qualities though. Even so, it was interesting to read about how Evans turned those stereotypes on their head. Highly recommend!

Casual Vacancy (Rowling) - I waited with great excitement for J.K. to write another book after Harry Potter ended. But then I found it very hard to work up the nerve to read this book! In fact, I bought it in November and just got around to reading it. I think I was scared of disappointment. I love HP so much! Still in the process of reading, but while the storyline is far from Potterish, the writing still feels nostalgic.


I am a television LOVER and I am not ashamed to admit it. But I did recently give up cable completely in an attempt to at least make my TV watching more purposeful and less "just flipping channels aimlessly". Well, it worked - but I think it may have made my addiction worse. Netflix has not only opened up a whole new world of shows that I missed getting in on at their beginnings - but it means that I can watch episode after episode if I'm so inclined! Even worse? Netflix so politely queues up the next episode and asks me if I'd like to watch it! It takes a lot of willpower to tell it "No". Even after 10 episodes in one sitting. Anyways - here are my current faves!

Show Catch-up:

The Walking Dead - O.M.Goodness! I know folks have been talking about the Zombie apocolypse for a while now and this show has come up more than once in my group of friends. But I was always kinda like - "Nah, I prefer aliens to zombies..." Well, I stand corrected! Turns out, I am FASCINATED by zombies. And zombie apocolypses. And Steven Yeun. Don't watch this show if you can't handle bloody gore. But you can't blame me if you don't watch and then get eaten during the Zombie apocolypse.

Private Practice - I know this show is kinda cheesy and just ended like two months ago. But I've enjoyed rewatching it via Netflix. Kinda like visiting old friends...

Current Season:

SMASH - so glad this show is back! I love it. Everything about it. Just bought the first soundtrack and it makes my day in the car. If you aren't watching, I'm not sure we can still be friends.

Scandal - or, as my co-worker Heather has convinced me to refer to it, "Scandals". Wow, everyone on this show has some serious issues. Week to week it is hard to decide who is the most devious. Right now though - Mellie is winning, hands down.

Routine loves - Grey's Anatomy (yes, still!), Castle, Bones, Biggest Loser, Once Upon a Time


I made it my goal to have seen all the Oscar nominated movies this year. I had actually caught most of them before they were even nominated (which means the Academy had good taste this year clearly!). I didn't finish seeing all of them, I missed Lincoln, Django, and Amour. But I did see Zero Dark Thirty just before the Oscars. And I thought it was amazing - gripping, good character development, and Jessica Chastain was brilliant. I actually think she should have won - even though I have a soft spot for Jennifer Lawrence.

On the Web:

From #WhatShouldWeCallSocialWork -

Caregivers Asking you to "fix" their child:

About to close a case and your client brings you a new and more serious problem
(Generally right before court)
When you become immune to your clients angry outbursts and tantrums
Stuff I pinned:

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest
Totally using one of these colors on a rocking chair I just bought,
 I have been wanting to spray paint something for a while now!
I dream about having more bookshelves. And more books to put on them.
And to be able to style them. Its an obsession really.
So excited to try this out! Butternut Squash is my new favorite food.
I'm going to be so sad when it goes out of season soon!

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Best Day of February:

I already blogged about it, but hanging out with Lisa - watching old movies, eating popcorn, singing along with Chicago was definitely my best day of February. XOXO


  1. I still love Grey's too. And, i thought Private Practice did a really nice job of ending their show!

    The first social worker gif cracked me up. I've spent most of my "professional life" working with teenagers - I can so relate!

  2. I enjoyed Gone Girl too. Wasn't too thrilled with the direction it took halfway through (Psycho lady!) but it was interesting and well written all the way.
    I had a mixed reaction to Rachel Held Evans' book and about The Casual Vacancy - not the greatest but a good story and her writing felt so familiar (Potterish!) I enjoyed it anyway. :)

  3. Thanks for the pin about bookcases--desperately needed! Great list!

  4. I loved Gone Girl, even the ending. I'm sure you were diagnosing the characters as you read, too! I haven't read Casual Vacancy yet. It seems like people have mixed opinions. I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually!

    Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!

  5. Found your blog via HopefulLeigh's link-up. Looks like we have very similar tastes in TV! I am looking for some new books to read and lots of people have suggested Gone Girl. It sounds really good!


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