Sunday, February 24, 2013

Perfect Moment Monday

Lori from Lavender Luz started Perfect Moment Monday to help us remember to stop and notice the perfect moments all around us. This falls right in line with my One Word for the year, as I try to be more present in my day to day. So, I'm linking up because last week was just full of perfect moments.
I visited one of my favorite families, my dear friends who have let me be "Aunt Rachie" to their kids for the past almost 8 years. And between two snow days, lots of baking and other adventures with the kiddos, there were many perfect moments to soak up.

Snow is not really my favorite thing, but it was so much fun to see the kids enjoying it! But the indoor activities were right up my alley. In the space of three days we baked so many goodies - banana bread, two types of cookies, and homemade ice cream! (To give credit where it is due, it was Lisa who actually did most of the work!) There were also lots of sweet and funny moments with the kiddos. They really are some of my favorite small people in the world.

But the best part of the whole week was actually after the kids were asleep in their beds. Lisa and I had a fantastic time watching some favorite old movies. Back when we were roommates, the movie Chicago was out in theaters and we used every excuse to go see it! Good day, bad day, whatever! So we settled in and watched it the second night I was there. There was quite a bit of singing along! The next night was "Moulin Rouge", another college fave. Again, we could recite almost the entire thing word for word, song by song. We didn't take any pictures, but they were still some of my top perfect moments of the week. Love you Lisa!


  1. Friends, kiddos, fun and food add up to lots of perfect moments! I'm so glad you shared these with us today. Looks like a lot of giggling went on with your visit!

    It's great to see you, Rachie :-)

  2. What a FANTASTIC time!! All kiddos should have an Auntie Rachie.

  3. This post brought me back to the happy times of my own childhood. And somehow, the words, "homemade ice-cream" still are sticking in my mind. That's a great idea :)

  4. You perfect moments are so fun to read about and see pictures of! Thank you for sharing and I agree with Melissa, all kids should be so lucky to have an Auntie like you! :)

  5. Snow kids and friends! Thanks for sharing,

  6. The pictures are beautiful. I could feel the cold tingling sensation on my nose in the first picture.

    You and the kiddos are lucky to have each other share the perfect moments.


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