Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girls' Christmas

Ever since college it has been an annual tradition for my best girlfriends and I to have a "Girls' Christmas" get together. It used to just be exchanging Secret Santa presents in our dorm rooms. Then it progressed to "fancy" dinners at our first apartments. As time as has gone on our group has dwindled as friends moved away or simply grew apart. About 5 or 6 six years ago it became just us four, and we started going away for our get together. We don't go far and some years are more exciting than others - but we always have a wonderful time together and I wouldn't trade these weekend trips for anything!
This year, we decided to stick close to home and stay in a hotel downtown. We took the bus into the city and then walked to the hotel. It was a beautiful room and we brought the best part of the tradition - wine!

 After we were all checked in, we went out to do some shopping and then had a yummy dinner. Sadly, our hotel's pool was closed for renovation - major bummer since we'd been really looking forward to time in the hot tub! So, we just hung out in our room - I swear we could do absolutely nothing together and still never be bored. The sign of true friendship right?
The next morning, we checked out and then headed to the highlight of our weekend. We had a private party booked at a salon downtown! We all got manicures and pedicures, along with complimentary strawberry mimosas and cupcakes! Another four hours of just hanging out and being pampered.
We've already bought the same package for another get together this summer!
I'm going to go right ahead and add this to my "Lucky Life List". After all, not everyone get to be part of such a wonderfully close group of friends that are always there to laugh, cry, and occasionally do both at the same time! I have other friends that I do those things with too - but this foursome is truly special to me. Love you girls so much!


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