Saturday, February 2, 2013

December Recap: Part 1 - Christmas

I can't believe its already the end of January! Where did the time go?

Before I get into the excitement of January, I need to recap December. (Will this blog ever be up to date? Probably not!)

(And, I actually also have one more post about something that happened in November too, but it ties in with something that happend more recently...)

So, back to December! First up - Christmas!

It was supposed to be the first time in I-don't-know-how-long that EVERYONE in my family would be together for some part of Christmas. I was SO excited!!

And then my sister had to go and get the flu two days before she had to get on a plane to Chicago.

Cue tears. For both of us.

Despite fervent prayers and lots of medicine, she just couldn't get on a plane.

So, instead it was just Mom and I driving east towards Ohio/Kentucky a few days before Christmas.

Despite horrible rain the entire way there, we made it without incident. It was great to get to see my brother and sis-in-law. And their new house - which I love! And their FOUR dogs - who kinda made me miss mine. The first night there Natalie and I took ourselves to see "The Hobbit". Movies are a Hoyt family tradition. I can't ever remember a vacation that didn't include at least one. Mom and Jason were not in the mood for a three hour movie - but Natalie and I enjoyed it! Except, how come no one told us it was the first of three again?? We were both very confused at the end!

The next day, Jason, Natalie and I took a trip to meet Dad and Emma for a Christmas lunch/dinner. It was so nice to see them and exchange gifts. The meal was good too - compliments of another Hoyt favorite, Cracker Barrel!

Christmas Eve started off uneventful, a day of last minute present wrapping and cooking. Mom tried to get out of it, but we demanded cornbread dressing! And it was perfection, as you can see below! The rest of dinner was good too - but cornbread dressing will always be the highlight.

After dinner, it was time for gift opening! My most exciting gift - my not too subtely wished for Roku box! Buh-bye cable! Also, Mom cracked us all up by having stolen random things out of Jason and Natalie's pantry to disguise all the gift cards she gave us. We all totally scored and I have been extending Christmas through those gift cards all month! Even the doggies got in on the gift opening - well, really just Sammy.

Then a minor incident happened - which is also kinda a Hoyt family tradition - and instead of us all going to Candle-light service together, Jason ended up in the Emergency Room! Turns out that two of their dogs were not sharing the new Christmas toys. Jason tried to break up the fight and ended up getting bitten! It wasn't a terrible bite, but since it was in the palm of his hand we demanded he have it looked at by a doctor.

It ended up needing ONE stitch.

But its a great holiday story now!

The next day, we all went to see Les Miserables. Cue more crying. But not just us, pretty much everyone in the theater. It was fantastic. If you haven't gone to see it, you really need to do so right now. And if you didn't like it, we can't be friends anymore. Sorry.

Mom and drove back home that night. I had to work the next day but we managed to squeeze in ONE last movie before I drove her to the airport that night! Parental Guidance - we laughed our heads off!

(Click to Zoom)
So, even though it wasn't complete without Leah, it was a really nice holiday! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful (albeit a little crazy/quirky) family.

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