Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lucky Life List - First 5K!

I gotta get this blog up to date - that is my goal by New Years! (Gonna be a little difficult since I have no internet at home these days!)

Speaking of goals...

I ran my first 5K!!!

  My dear friend Lisa who ran it with me - thank you friend!
 Starting line - there were 5 stations you could stop at and eat a mini or full size cupcake. You got time deducted - 2 min for a mini, 5 for a regular one! We managed to eat 3 minis!
Coming up on the finishing line!
To be honest, I didn't run the entire thing - but I did learn a valuable running lesson. Do not train in the flatlands and run your first race in hill county! Lesson learned - race where you train! (Or at least know where you are racing and adjust your training!) But I am still VERY proud of myself - a year ago I would have laughed at you if you'd suggested that I'd attempt run/walking three miles.

Also, I highly recommend running a race that incorporates cupcakes - cause its pretty hard to take yourself too seriously when there are cupcakes involved!

Final time: 1:00:16  (Adjusted cupcake time: 54:16)

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