Sunday, September 2, 2012


Well, its here

 - September -

also known as

- Ovarian Cancer
Awareness Month -

I'm not going to lie, I'm reluctant to spend any more time thinking, talking, least of all writing about ovarian cancer than I absolutely have to right now. I hate the idea of any more of my time being taken up by cancer.

But it would be selfish not to recognize how important it is for other people to know more about this disease. Because unlike many other cancers, there is no routine screening or test done to attempt to diagnose it early. Many people find out by complete accident - much like I did. But unlike me, most people still find out when its already in its very advanced stages. And as I've noted before, the survival rates for later stage ovarian cancer are extrememly poor.

So, I'm going to blog a little bit more than I'd like to about ovarian cancer this month. About the signs, symptoms, and a little bit more about my own thoughts and experiences. Hopefully, getting the information out there will help women be more aware of how they can protect themselves.

Welcome to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

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