Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Texas Trip!!

Ok really - catching up! Apparently, I have to go all the way back to April!

During that really rough time right after I learned aboutthe cyst, I went on vacation to visit some friends in Texas. I’ll be honest and say that I almost didn’t. I was so scared that the cancer was back and that I’d have to have more surgery and take more time off work that I wasn’t sure I could justify taking time off for FUN.
Thank goodness I have a mom.

She reminded me that living me life worrying about and mentally preparing for reoccurrence is not at all what I want. She convinced me that this was exactly what I needed. And she was right, as usual.

So, off to Texas I went! I spent five days with my friend Kat and her family, taking an impromptu roadtrip all around southern Texas. After flying into San Antonio and spending the night at her house, we loaded the kiddos into the car and drove to South Padre Island. Despite the fact that we were only there for 24 hours, we sure packed a lot of excitement into the day!

After a quick late night stroll on the beach we went in search of dinner and a much needed margarita. We didn’t get any old margarita though, we got smoking margaritas complete with dry ice special effects! Can’t beat that right?

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The next morning we got up early to hit the beach! So much fun was had putting our feet in the (freezing) water and finding random sea creatures that had washed up on shore.

We also buried my godson in the sand – because what trip to the beach is complete without burying someone in the sand?

We packed up to leave the hotel and got randomly suckered into buying tickets to go dolphin watching! I was a little suspicious that we would end up just watching the water, but it was awesome! First, on the ride out to the dolphins, they let out a net that captures all kinds of sea life. They dump it all in a big tank on deck and have a little “show and tell” time. Puffer fish, catfish, lots of little crabs, seaweed, a starfish and even a tiny squid! They let us touch all the ones that were safe to touch and then dumped them all back in the gulf when we were done. Pretty neat!

Then we actually got out to the place where the dolphins swim! I expected we’d maybe see one or two, but we ended up seeing dozens! The sightings were brief (these aren’t Sea World performers) but definitely exciting and very cool to see up close.

After leaving South Padre, we drove down to the “Valley” where I lived in Junior High! We toured our old school and took pictures around our old spots. I also got to attend church and was shocked that people recognized me.  I mentally calculated that I hadn’t been there in almost 20 years! (SO OLD!)

After dropping the kiddos off with family, Kat and I went to meet up with another good friend from our younger years. Joe was getting married that weekend and we were so excited to reunite and attend the wedding!

The next day we had to head back up to San Antonio and the day after that I flew back home. Such a fun trip filled with great friends and fond memories. So thankful to have such a great long-lasting friendships!

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