Monday, August 20, 2012

Pursue: Anti Bucket List

Okay, I need help coming up with a term for what I would call an "anti bucket list". I've never particularly cared for the idea of a bucket list. A list of "wishes" that one attempts to get around to before they kick the bucket has always seemed a little morbid to me.

But there are definitely times when I catch myself during a particular experience or event and think, "this should have been on my bucket list... if I had one". You know the types of experiences - "firsts", especially special days, maybe even something that you thought would never actually happen. Those types of things that just make your life feel a little more complete?

One of the things I'm trying to "pursue" this year is really noticing those moments. I want to keep track of those moments somehow. I figure a blog is a good a place as any, right? But it needs a name!

So what would you call this list? Give me some ideas - throw them out there! Help a girl out!


  1. I have a list called "43 things"....I started my list way before the move Bucket List came out. I too think the whole concept of "do this before I die" is a bit morbid but I think having a list of things you want to do/experience/acheive is a great idea.

  2. We don't do bucket lists here, either grand scheme or even the "summer bucket lists" that became popular in the past few years. Why? If I put it on a list, I don't want to do it. I am weird that way.

  3. What about an "appreciation list"?


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