Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last Michigan Photoshoot

The very next weekend after the wedding, I made a very fast and furious trip to see my dear friends before their big move. Chris and Lisa are taking a huge leap of faith and moving their family so that Chris can attend seminary and become a pastor! I’m so excited for them and so proud of them.
One of the big reasons I decided to go is because Lisa really wanted “one last photoshoot” of their family on the beach of Lake Huron. I am never one to turn down a chance to photograph this darling family. Hilarious fact? I bought every article of clothing they are wearing except for the boys pants for less than $35! Aren’t they a good looking bunch?

 (Click any picture to enlarge)
I also took a ridiculous amount of pictures of all three of the kids. But that is pretty much normal behavior. Even three year old Bean has picked up on the fact that every time Rachie comes, there will be pictures taken!

These dandelion (wishers!) pictures were so much fun! I love getting the girls to try out new things - they really are good sports.

Bug perfected her "princess smile" during this trip. She tends to get a little cheesy in her grins sometimes, so we worked on "gentle a princess" and then she would usually give me some good real smiles too. I love that girl and she loves to pose! 

Bean is definitely in a cheesy smile stage but she's just so cute, I don't want it to change! She has had the most expressionate face since she was born!

Fuzzy is just the happiest guy around - it was no problem getting him to smile for the camera...staying still is a lesson for another visit!

It was a crazy 48hour trip, but I’m so glad I got to visit them one last time before their big move. (Which will actually be putting them about an hour closer to me soon!)

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