Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Back to the Good Stuff

So much to blog about! I’m at least three months behind on all of the good (aka non-ovary related) stuff that has been going on in my life. And there has been A LOT of fun.

Most recently, I have been spending almost every waking hour that I am not at work watching the Olympics - please tell me I'm not the only one! Thank goodness pretty much everything I'm really interested in is over. I am clearly too old to be staying up until almost midnight on a work day!

Gymnastics is easily my favorite and the women's gymnastics team really kept me on the edge of my seat all week. That little Gabby Douglas is just amazing and I was SO happy for Aly Raisman for pulling out the bronze and silver in her last two event finals.

In all of my googling and Internet searching about current and past Olympic gymnasts, I came across something I didn't expect. Remember Shannon Miller?

(For anyone who wasn't glued to their televisions back during the 1996 Olympics - she was one of the "Magnificent Seven" who took home the first US Gold in the Gymnastics All Around.)

I am not sure if it didn't make big news when she was first diagnosed back in January 2011 or if I just didn't notice. Sufficed to say, ovarian cancer was no where near being on my radar a year ago. But she is one of many people trying to bring more awareness and I couldn't be more inspired. Even though all I read says that statistically someone in their thirties has barely any chance of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I keep finding more stories that say differently.

Shannon was only a year older than me (33) when she was diagnosed and luckily hers was also caught early. Even though the doctors believe they were able to remove all the cancer through surgery, Shannon elected to have three rounds of chemotherapy as a preventative measure.

She is a year out from chemo now and doing very well from what I can tell. I love hearing stories of women who have caught their cancer young and seem to be thriving. It definitely gives me hope and reminds me that my own experience has been much more similar to these uplifting experiences than the prospect of doom and gloom that I was initially told was destined to be my story.

So, even though I said this blog was going to become more about the fun and less about ovaries - the reality is that my life is completely intertwined with cancer these days. Even when I'm just trying to watch the Olympics! Ok, I promise the next post will be ovary-free. But September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, so you can bet I'll have more to talk about ovaries then!

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  1. You can talk ovaries as much as you want. ;-)


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