Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here we go again

Backing up a little for those who don't get the play by play... I was having some minor pain on my right side last week and called Dr. R's office to inform them. (This was something they drilled into me right after surgery - no pain is too minor, call for everything!) They decided to move up my next ultrasound and blood test - it was originally supposed to happen again next month. So, yesterday I went in and had both done early in the day. I didn't get any immediate results from the ultrasound, because I was sent to a new office to have it done and they just send it to my doctor. And I never find out the results of the blood test, so I was prepared to just wait until I saw Dr. R for my scheduled appointment on Friday.

Then last night, later than I thought my doctor's office worked, I got a call from a Physician's Assistant (not my regular one, because she is actually leaving the practice - boo!). She informed me that the results of both tests were back and wanted to give me a "heads up" before my appointment on Friday. My ultrasound results show that the cyst is still there and while it doesn't look like its getting any bigger, the pictures from yesterday's scan seem to indicate that it is wrapped around my ovary. More concerning is the results from my blood work though. If you recall, three months ago the number was 11 and a month ago it was 19 which is right in the middle of "normal" range. But yesterday it was 31, which is the highest it can be and still be considered "normal". While it is still technically normal, the fact that it is steadily increasing is concerning. From the tone in the PA's voice when she said, "we will be talking about the next steps on Friday", I knew things were not looking good. She promised to page Dr. R in the morning and get some clarification for me.

I called my mom and she has decided to fly here tomorrow so that she can be here for the appointment on Friday. We might be over-reacting a little bit, but it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

First thing this morning, I got a phone call from the PA again. (Have I mentioned recently how awesome and wonderful and compassionate Dr. R's team always is? They are.) She reassured me that they are trying to do whatever they can to avoid surgery again. So, they sent my ultrasounds to another department to see if draining the cyst is a possibility. Unfortunately, as I was writing this, she called to say that draining it won't be a possibility because it is too small. (Which should sound positive, but I fear just means that we can't get any definite answers.) I have a CT scheduled for tomorrow (it was already scheduled and it may give us a little more information, but probably not too much) and then will be seeing Dr. R on Friday to talk about where to go from here. I'm pretty calm right now, just hoping and praying for answers without surgery. Which is what I am asking you to pray for too.

Specific Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for some answers. I am really struggling with this wait and see game but certainly don't like the idea of a THIRD major surgery.
2. Please pray that this is not cancerous and that surgery can be avoided completely.
3. Please pray for Dr. R and the rest of the medical team - that they continue to make wise choices.
4. Please thank God for putting me in such capable and compassionate hands. I really can not say enough good things about the care that I have been in with these doctors, PAs, nurses, etc.