Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quick Update

I am just dropping in to give a few quick updates. I had my blood drawn on Monday - to test my CA-125 levels. Hopefully they will still be nice and low when I get the results tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the big day - or at least the next "big day" on the calendar. I have my follow up ultrasound appointment at 9am, then will wait around for the doctors all to write, send and read the reports. At 2:30pm I have my appointment with Dr. R to discuss all the findings and options.

I do have a friend coming with me this time - so grateful for each of the ways people have stepped up in my life, I am truly a very lucky girl. She has a copy of a list of 20+ questions that I want to make sure I get answers to before tomorrow's appointment is over. (At which point I'll probably have at least twenty new questions!) My mom will also be on the phone so that she can hear the details first hand.

I already have phone calls and tentative appointments set up with 3 different doctors for second opinions. Once I know for sure that I need one, I'll make my final decision about which one I'll actually choose.

Thank you all for all your love - I just can't say that enough.

Specific Prayers for tomorrow:

1. Please pray that the cyst is gone - COMPLETELY GONE.
2. Please pray that my CA-125 levels are still low.
3. Please pray for discretion and wisdom in my decision making.

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