Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holding Steady

So sorry that I didn't update you all sooner! (For future reference, I update Facebook immediately after doctors appointments with the short version - so feel free to email me for my FB link.)

The doctors' appointments last week went pretty well and things seem to be holding steady right now. The ultrasound doctor (different one than last time) as much more positive from the get-go, which meant that the 6 hour wait between appointments was much less stressful than anticipated. He said that the cyst is looking much more like a peritoneal or ovarian cyst. This was great news, because last time they basically couldn't get a good read on it at all. It also looked marginally smaller - not a lot, but a little is better than nothing!

A friend came with me to this appointment - which was a huge help since I also got A LOT of information! I will give myself full credit for getting this info, I came with a list of 24 typed up questions. I handed to the nurse when I was first taken back to an exam room and by the time Avery (Dr. R's PA) came in, she had already written answers to about 3/4 of them. She explained as much as she could, then left the rest to Dr. R.

Dr. R was much more positive during this appointment as well. In many ways, nothing much has really changed - the cyst is still there, we don't really know what it is, there is still a chance at surgery - but he was just more reassuring. (That's the Dr. R that I know and love!)

We are going to try a few things in hopes that it will either a) help the cyst go away or b) at least give us a better idea of what it is. I will go back in two months for my regular CT scan and blood test, as well as another ultrasound. Until then, I'm holding steady and feeling positive.

Thanks again for everyone who follows along, sends prayers and positive thoughts, and supports me during these trying times. I know I've said it a lot - but I wouldn't be handling this half as well without each and every one of you!

I also have some way more fun blog posts in store - excited to focus on the more important things in life?!

Me too.

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  1. Glad you got more positive news! Praying it continues.


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