Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old Made New

One of the best things that has ever come out of Facebook is the ability to reconnect with people from your past. I know there are those who will argue that anyone you didn't make an effort to stay in touch with before doesn't need to be in your life now. But I heartily disagree! I moved around more than once in my childhood and it was nearly impossible to keep in touch without email and free long distance.

But since the wonderful creation of FB, I've reconnected with some of my best friends from childhood. While we may not be part of each other's daily life and may not even interact often online - its been nice to see that they are doing well and share the occasional childhood memory.

And recently one of my "old" friends has become a "new" friend again! My friend Jessica, one of my closest childhood friends from Tennessee, recently moved just a couple hours from me. Her husband's family lives even closer and she surprised me by coming to visit while I was recovering from my first surgery back in November.

And a couple of weeks ago we got together again, just after my birthday! She and her little guy met me in the city where we wandered around Millinium Park, made my first trip to the Bean, and then enjoyed some Deep Dish pizza.

 ( H definitely wanted to make a new friend out of this pigeon...)

It was so wonderful to catch up on more than just a status update! I'm so thankful for my new relationship with an old friend and I can't wait to go visit her soon! Let's make it happen Jess!

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