Monday, April 2, 2012


Let's just go ahead and add "inconclusive" to the list of things that one hates to hear a doctor say.

Let's also just go ahead and add internal ultrasounds to the list of things that no one should have to indure without getting a baby out if it in the end. (My mom has joked since my first surgery, where I got a "c-section" scar that no one should have to undergo certain medical procedures without getting a baby too.)

So, needless to say my ultrasound wasn't the simple procedure with simple answers that I hoped it would be.

According to the ultrasound Doctor (we'll just call him Dr. U from now on) my ovary looks fine. But there is a "tubular mass" that appears to be filled with fluid just next to my ovary. I wish I could say that he seemed to think it was nothing, but I can't. He did say that it could just be fluid that sometimes settles in the abdomen after surgery. He also said it would be unlikely for cancer to appear that quickly after they were just in there looking around. But at the same time he said that he didn't think any other information could be learned without further surgery. And he said that if we (meaning Dr. R and I, I assume) decide not to do anything about it that he'd want to do another ultrasound in three months. I couldn't tell whether or not to interpret his solmen face as something negative or just that he felt bad that he couldn't give me any more definitive answers. So for now I'm going with the latter.

I have a follow up appointment on Friday with Dr. R.

Waiting that long seems like torture at this point.

I would really like to get off this rollercoaster now.

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