Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Celebrations

Of all the things I am grateful these days, I am especially grateful that I won't be missing out on all the "little" celebrations that I look forward to every year. One at the top of my list is my God-daughter's baptism birthday.

I'm not sure exactly how the tradition started - I guess technically it goes back to the fact that I didn't meet her when she was born, I waited to come up for her baptism. So, instead of coming for her actual birthday, I've always come up a month later and celebrated her "Baptism Birthday".

Bean's "party" was low-key as usual. Just the family, her other God-parents, and one of their daughters came over for dinner. The night was inspired by her current love of Strawberry Shortcake. So we ate the namesake desset and had strawberry milkshakes after dinner.

The rest of the weekend was mostly hanging out - although the other big excitement was a trip to the library where big sister "Bug" got her first library card. This book-loving auntie was so excited to be there to capture the moment!

This year was especially sweet since I was just barely past the "restrictions" of my surgery recovery. And being with this family is always it own special kind of recovery - I love spending time with all of them. Thanks Lisa and Chris for letting me be part of your family!

I love you all!

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  1. How is it possible that Matthias could look so young in these pics! That boy is growing too fast!!!

    Also we are so glad to have you as part of our family! Love you so much!


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