Friday, February 10, 2012

The Luckiest {unlucky} Girl

Welcome to the new blog!

For those of you reading this in a E-Reader, pop on over and see how purty it is! It was designed by the fabulous Kelsey from "Kreated by Kelsey". For those of you with blogs - I would highly recommend her - not only is she super talented and easy to work with, but she is also very affordable. (Says the girl with massive medical bills!) Go check her out her portfolio here - she's awesome!

So, why "The Luckiest {unlucky} Girl"?
Well, anyone who has known me for a while probably will get it right away! I'm somewhat accident prone - from the year that I knocked off the side mirrors on both sides of my car (in separate incidents) to the long standing joke that I can not run for three steps without tripping and falling. I just end up in the middle of situations that leave people shaking their heads. I'm known for being one of those people that gets into situations where someone then says, "That would ONLY happen to you!". Some favorite stories (that my friends love to get me to tell at parties) involve hot tea, almost running myself over with my own car (yes, I was driving) and a dead squirrel.

(If I keep up with this blog long enough, I promise to try to tell all three of those!)

And of course, most recently I was {unlucky} enough to be diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. A cancer that is rarely diagnosed in women as young as myself.

But despite the {unlucky} situations that I seem to find myself in, I can not deny that I generally manage to come out on the "lucky" side of things.

At one point during the time between my two surgeries, there was a conversation with my best girlfriends where they were making a joke about my being "born under a lucky star". They were being supportive - encouraging me to believe that everything was going to turn out fine. But at the time I thought it was pretty ironic given my current situation. It was before my staging surgery and I wasn't feeling very lucky. But after my surgery, and the amazing results, I remembered that conversation and thought,
"I really am the luckiest (unlucky) girl ever".
And thus the new name of this blog.
But here's the ironic truth - I don't really believe in luck.
I believe in trying hard, learning from mistakes, prayer, failing gracefully, taking risks, pursing dreams and the occasional miracle. I believe that God has plans for every single person. And, I believe in the free will to make the most of those plans.
So, I'm hoping to make the most of the dose of good "luck" I've received recently. I don't want to take my blessings for granted. I also know, more clearly than ever, that life can change in an instant and I hope to take any future misfortune in stride.
The blog isn't fully functional quite yet - I need to link up the pages to the tool bar above and I'm sure I'll tweek a few things over the next few days. But I hope you all enjoy reading along! This blog will be my record of the ups and downs of being the luckiest {unlucky} girl around!


  1. Very nice blog Rachel, and I'm glad you're feeling better.

  2. Love. I also have some lucky/unlucky stories in my life, so I totally get it.

    Love the new look too!


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