Monday, February 20, 2012

Its not all trash on TV

While I was home during my recovery, I watched A LOT of television. Some was good, some was not so good. I've officially exhausted my reserve for Lifetime Movies for the next 10 years.

But one show that premiered while I was living the life of a couch potato was ABC's new show The Revolution. Its a pretty cool daytime show that focuses on helping people "revolutionize" their lives in multiple areas - fashion, exercise, interior design, physical and mental health. Its a bit cheesy (Ty Pennington is in it after all) but I really enjoyed it while I was recouperating.

So, I've been DVRing it since I went back to work and this weekend I was going through and deleting most of them because I needed to free up space. When I ran across Thursday's episode, I noticed that one of the segments that was highlighted was talking about medical second opinions. Imagine my shock to find out that the biggest issue that "Dr. Jen" recommends women seek a second opinion about is a Hysterectomy!

The following clip is short - but I hope that as many women as possible see it. I can't believe how nonchalantly doctors take this procedure! I myself expreienced this disregard for all the consequences that come from removing a woman's reproductive organs. (Its not just about not being able to concieve children!)

So please, watch this clip and don't think twice about requesting a second opinion - it might just save your life!

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