Monday, February 6, 2012

Giving Back

Ever since my first appointment with Dr. R, I have been so thankful for his kindness and expertise. I know many of you have expressed your gratitude as well. So that got me thinking about how seldom doctors and nurses probably hear from anyone but the patient and maybe their immediate family.

How awesome would it be to put it in perspective for them? To show them that doing their job well inspires so many?

This post is for all of you to express your thanks to the doctors and nurses who treated me so amazingly during this whole experience. Please add a comment either on this post or on Facebook. I plan to print them out and include them in a card for Dr. R to share with his staff.

Thank you everyone!


  1. Thanks Dr. R! For saving one of the best girls on the planet! Your a blessing to me and most everyone I know for taking such good care of Rachael!

  2. What a great idea! As a nurse, it is great to hear from people who do respect and appreciate what you do (as a social worker too, I'm sure the thank yous sometimes seem to come too few and far in between, but when they happen, that does make them even more special!) My hospital has something called the "Daisy Award" that they give out to a nurse each month and I think it is a national thing. I bet your hospital probably has some "big" awards for nurses and doctors that anyone can nominate those special ones for :) Everyone needs a pat on the back, even when they are "just doing their job". I'm so thankful you found such a great Doctor who advocated for you and saved your life and some "vital" organs :)

  3. So glad that God placed Rachel in your care. He knew you were exactly what she needed. We are overjoyed by her great results and miraculous turn of events. We love her and love you for treating her so well. Thank you!

  4. Thank you Dr. R and all the staff at Rush!!!! You're careful assessment and care you gave Rachel was amazing and exactly what she needed and deserved! In addition, the care shown to her family and friends during this time was outstanding!!! They made not only Rachel feel at ease with everything, but made us all at ease as well. We knew she was being well taken care of and that the doctors were making sound informed decisions on her care. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome and we owe it all to Rush!!!

  5. Dr. R and all staff,
    I know that you didn't cure my sister's cancer. I know that you did not personally "fix" her. But your calm demeanor, kind words, and thoughtful procedures made all the difference when dealing with such a difficult subject. Since the first appointment with you, I noticed the difference in my sister (and my mother) because they trusted you. In turn, I trusted you and for that alone I am extremely grateful.
    I am not writing this letter because my sister's outcome was as wonderful as it ended up being. I'm writing because even if we didn't get such great results, we would all know that she was getting the best care that anyone could hope for.
    Please know that you are a hero and a source of comfort to so many people that you will probably never meet.
    Thank you and God bless you!
    Leah Hoyt

  6. Dr. R and staff,
    Thank you for treating one of my best friends like a valued individual. You gave her the time she needed to process what was happening, and the chance to make informed decisions if the worst had happened. Your bedside manner, knowledge, and calmness reached her and her mother, but also came through to the rest of us surrounding her. You were an answer to prayer for Rachel, and I'm sure you will continue to be for many other women in the future. Thank you!

  7. Thank you Dr. R and everyone in the office for your expertise but also your kindness and compassion, which made a difficult time in my friend's life less difficult. I am so grateful that she found your office and that hers is a story with the happiest of endings!!!!

  8. Dear Dr. R & staff,

    Thank you so much for treating an old friend like a human and not just a file. Knowing she had a compassionate team of experts on her side was a relief for all of those who know and love Rachel. Thank you for all you have done not just for my friend but for all the patients who are lucky enough to come into your office!

  9. A big THANK YOU to Dr R and entire staff for the excellent care that you gave to Rachel and family & friends!! Not everyone receives such positive news like Rachel but the fact that you listened to her wishes, gave her options and respected her was a relief after receiving such devastating news. Thanks for being there EVERY step of the way including waiting for her in admissions! :-)

  10. Thank you Dr. R and staff for taking such great care of Rachel!!!

  11. Dr. R,
    Thank you for being a terrific doctor. You helped Rachel stay calm and not make any rash decisions. You and your staff at Rush took fantastic care of her from the moment she walked through the door!
    Thank you for everything!!

  12. Dr R and staff,
    Thank you so much for everything you did for my friend Rachel! Your expertise and compassion has made a tremendous impact in this unexpected stage of her life. Rachel is such a wonderful woman and I am grateful that she was placed with people who truly care. God Bless!


  13. Dr. R and staff,
    Thank you for caring for Rachel in such a difficult time. She has friends and family spread across the states and it was always wonderful she was with a doctor who treated her like a person and a not a disease. Someone who slowed down to talk through options and gave her hope. Thank you for using the gifts God has given you to do what you do! We are thankful for your wisdom and insight, Rachel is blessed to have had you as her doctor!
    ~Rachael K.

  14. Doctor R and everyone else who helped Rachel-
    Thank you all so much for being awesome medical people, and human beings in general, and for taking such good care of my friend these past few months. Seriously.


Your support and prayers are so important to me!