Sunday, November 27, 2011

So Thankful...

After a weekend of celebrating all the things we are thankful for, I wanted to take a few minutes to say what I am thankful for these days...

I am firstly thankful to God, because He is the one who has provided me with all the blessings in my life. The most important blessing - forgiveness and salvation through his Son - but also all the little blessings that have been made so evident to me these last few weeks.

I am thankful for Black Friday shopping! Not because I got great deals and am almost done with Christmas shopping already - but because its a tradition that two weeks ago I thought I wouldn't be able to participate in this year! But I was feeling pretty good and so the tradition has not been broken! Thankful to Melanie who braved the crowds with me again this year!

I am thankful for good medical care. Not just from my current doctor, but that I live in an area where hospitals (amazing ones!) are plentiful. I don't have to travel many miles from home to seek out quality care - I could practically walk to more than one major research hospital. Which also means that I don't have to worry about leaving my support system either. So very thankful.

I am thankful for my family - and not just the one God put me in when I was born. My Mom, Dad and Emma, brother and sister have all been great - plus I know that my cousins, second cousins, etc have been checking in on a regular basis. But also for the people that have "adopted" me as family over the last few years. Mom and I had Thanksgiving at my best friend's parents' home last week. And I've already had offers to attend doctor's appointments with me for moral support. It is so comforting (especially for my mom) that I have people who will be looking out for me. Thank you pseudo-family!

I am thankful for my cozy apartment and my two crazy dogs. I'm never alone and they are keeping me company when the visitors leave. I'm also thankful for a good friend who came by to clean for me! So nice to relax and recover in a clean bedroom with an organized closet - plus I got to snuggle her baby while she cleaned. A girl could get used to that! But mostly I am thankful for friends who have stepped up in their own ways - cooking, cleaning, visiting, and just bringing groceries. And all the kids who have colored me pictures and wrote me Get Well notes - thank you Isabel, Eli, Luca, Alexa, Ben and Lillie!

I am thankful for the Internet. I dare anyone to say technology is making us more isolated - just this week I have gotten a visit from a childhood best friend who I haven't seen in almost 20 years! And dinner ordered for me by a high school show choir-mate that I haven't seen in at least 10 years. All because Facebook has kept us interconnected and made it simple to get the word out that help was needed. I am also thankful for Twitter, and the fact that almost anytime of day I can find someone online to keep me company. Not to mention all the people that have been able to send good thoughts and prayers because word can now spread so fast! Thank goodness for not having to rely on "snail mail"!

I am thankful my job. My boss is so supportive and my co-workers have stepped up to call and visit. I'm lucky it provides me time off to heal and with insurance to cover this situation. I'm also thankful that I really enjoy my work and hope to be back within the next week. I'll be very thankful for the distraction and to feel productive again!

I am thankful for laughter. Since Jill cracked the first joke around my hospital bed, I knew that laughter would be one of the main ways I coped with this new "adventure". Which is also why I changed my blog title to something (hopefully) funny. While this whole situation is serious and has undoubtedly changed my life, I hope it won't change that much about who I am. And I love to laugh. Plus, its true - never before have I shared this much about my internal organs with so many people! So thankful for everyone who has laughed with me recently - even through our tears.

I am thankful for everyone who has contacted me over the last few weeks to share positive thoughts, good advice, helpful suggestions, and reassurance that they are praying for me. Many have said, "I don't know what to say", but the fact that you reached out to say anything at all is plenty. Thank you!

With so much to be thankful for, it feels somewhat strange to ask for anything. But because I know who my friends and family are - I know you won't mind a few more requests for prayers.

Specific Prayer Requests for 11/27/11:

1. Tomorrow (Monday 11/28/11) is my CT (CAT) Scan. While I won't get any results from it until Friday, please pray that it goes well and that they get a clear picture of what is going on inside of me.

2. Pray that I am feeling able to return to work sometime this week. I feel pretty good and am hoping I can get cleared. I know I'll need plenty of time off during the next year, so I hope to work now while I feel strong.

3. Pray for continued healing - my incision seems to be doing just fine and some more feeling is coming back around where they opened me up. But that also means painful zingers and strange tingly feelings that come out of nowhere! Please pray that I continue to heal well and am able to do more things independently - it stinks not to be able to reach things when you've dropped them!

Thank you everyone - I am so thankful for each and every one of you!


  1. You have an amazing strength that is evident through your words. I certainly will be praying you through all of this.

  2. hang in there, glad to hear that you have so many fabulous people supporting you both in person and virtually.


Your support and prayers are so important to me!