Friday, November 18, 2011

Day of Big Decisions

I believe that today will be a day of big decisions.

I have an appointment with the medical director of Gynecological Oncology at one of Chicago's best hospitals. Yesterday, I called an old friend who is a OB/GYN in the area and practices at some of the major hospitals. She immediately named this doctor and he was also one of the referrals I had gotten from the GO at the community hospital.

We called his office and asked when the next available appointment would be - initially we were told he didn't have any openings until after Thanksgiving. But after a phone call from the doctor who did my first surgery, I had an appointment for today! So thankful that she was willing to advocate on my behalf.

I'm nervous but excited to talk to the doctor today. I'm not especially hopeful that he will have any drastically new information or treatment ideas. I will be glad to have heard from a second doctor though and to finally feel like I am able to make an educated decision about all my options.


I was discharged yesterday from the hospital! It was so nice to be home last night! My dogs were crazy with excitement, of course. I had a few visitors - all of whom brought food of course! It was so appreciated - delicious pasta, a very yummy chocolate cake, and various goodies to stock my fridge. :)

If you'd like to arrange a day to bring a meal (and just come visit!) over the next few weeks, please contact Melanie - she is being so wonderful and arranging a calendar to make sure we are well fed during this crazy time. Its nice to not have to worry about food with everything else going on. Thank you Mel!


Specific Prayer Requests 11/18/11:

1. Prayer of thanks for quick healing and getting discharged yesterday!
2. Peace no matter what I hear today during my 2nd opinion appointment.
3. Wisdom in making decisions today.

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